Saturday, 18 March 2017

What would you do?

Unless you live under a rock or live on Sotobanari Island in Okinawa then you have probably seen or have heard other people talk about the video below:

This is Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University in South Korea. He was conducting a live interview with the BBC from his home when he was interrupted by his children.

Credit to Professor Kelly that he was able to complete his interview in a professional manner despite the interruption.

During the week there has been some, what I think is unwarranted criticism of Professor Kelly about his treatment of his daughter. He was conducting a very serious interview and he was interrupted by his children. How many times does that happen around the world in the course of a day? He did what millions of parents would have done.

I remember on numerous occasions been told to be quiet because my mother or father was talking on the phone or they had guests around at our house. What was the difference between my example and what we saw Professor Kelly? Nothing. His children were just being children and he was just being a busy father, bringing home the bacon so to speak. What is wrong with that? Have we gotten so PC that the rules of parenthood have changed? I hope not.

Videos like this, although funny do nothing for me and why should Professor Kelly get criticised for what he did? He hardly threw his daughter against the wall in disgust. All a bit of a none issue really.

The second thing that came out of the interview and I must admit I was a little bit guilty of it was the fact that Professor Kelly's wife was not thought to be his wife but a nanny. People criticised this because of the stereotype in Asia of a white family with an Asian helper.

I must admit that I thought Kim Jung-A was the nanny too, not because she is Asian but just by the look on her face and her body language. It suggested to me that she as thinking to herself, "Oh shit, I am so going to get fired today."

Does this make me guilty of racial stereotyping? I don't know. Maybe it does. I'm just saying that it could have been a caucasian and if she had had that same body language then I would of thought that she was the nanny.

Professor Robert Kelly and his family have certainly got their 15 minutes of fame this week. I can imagine that the 21st birthdays in a few years time are going to be very interesting with a few jokes flying about.

There has been some bad things come out of it like racial stereotyping and ignoring children but I am glad that Professor Kelly and his wife Jung-A have seen it for what it is, a funny episode that they are going to be able to play for years and years to come.

It's nice to have these little stories from time to time but we can't afford to forget about the bigger picture and that is the powder keg that is the Korean peninsula.

The sooner that they can find peace in that part of the world and all 75 million people living on the peninsula can find freedom and the ability to question their surroundings then we will have something to really celebrate and I hope that that comes sooner rather than later.

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