Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Power of Visualisation

Do you play golf? I play about once a year. You can't even consider me a weekend hacker. Is there such a thing as a "once a year hacker?"

Anyway, when I line up to hit the ball, I quickly try to imagine it flying through the air and landing near the flag and then I imagine myself holing the 15 foot putt and walking off the green with a well deserved birdie.

Of course it never happens because my name is not Tiger Woods but that fact that I go through the process means that I'm at least a little to walking off that green with a birdie, or can I dare to dream? Maybe an eagle.

Visualisation or I think they call it 'image training' here in Japan is when you imagine yourself going through the steps to get the results you want.

The late Martin Crowe used to imagine himself going out to the cricket wicket and he would play the innings in his head before he would even start batting. He would imagine himself facing different bowlers. He would imagine himself smacking the bowlers around the field. He would imagine himself scoring century after century and usually he did.

In your journey from being an introvert to a situational extrovert you may want to use the power of visualisation to imagine yourself walking into that room and holding court. Imagine yourself listening intently to the people around you and imagine yourself possibly turning those people that you have met into friends or maybe even business partners or customers.

It all starts with the thought and the more vivid you can make that thought the more likely that it can happen as you imagine it.

Good luck with that.

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