Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Cherry Blossoms: A sign of a new beginning


It's spring time here in Japan and that means only one thing, hanami or we would say in English, cherry blossom viewing. 

When I first learned the word hanami, it sounded like the most boring thing in the world. Looking at flowers?!?!?!? No thank you. But when I came to Japan I found out what it was all about.

Hanami is all about celebrating that fresh start. The winter is coming to an end, the flowers are blooming again. It is becoming warmer and warmer and summer is on it's way. 

Nature has decided that it will change for the coming summer and it does it in a spectacular way with the bright colours of pink and white and others.

This is nice for nature and it is nice for us as well but we don't have to wait for spring to make a change. We can make a change at any minute of the day or night. We have the decision making ability to decide what we want and the good thing is that you can do it right now.

Sometimes I walk around during the course of my day andI realise that I don't have to be in a bad mood. I don't have to be annoyed at the idiot at the train station. I can just laugh it off.

There is that old saying that if you had $86,400 in your bank account and someone stole $10 from it would you spend the rest of the day trying to find that person so you can give them a real bashing. No of course not. But someone pissed you off for 10 seconds and you spend the rest of the day thinking about. The remaining 86,390 seconds of that day you are thinking about it. What you should do is make the decision that life is too short to worry about those kinds of trivialities and you are going to get back to focusing on your goals and objectives. 

Enjoy the spring and remember you can get back on track whenever you want, so why not now? I'm going to.

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