Tuesday, 7 March 2017

3 steps to success

What do the most successful people do?

What do they have in common?

What can we do to mimic their success?

Apparently there is a lot that we can do. Well three things according to this book, 6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd.

There are three things that successful people do to become successful:

1. They protect and spark their mind daily.

My friend and I read about an idea in a book a few years ago about reading for one hour everyday. At that time it suggested to read in your area, meaning if you were in sales, you read about sales for one hour or if you were in marketing you read about marketing for one hour.

We started it and after a short while we would summarise what we read and send it to each other for the other person to read and comment on.

Over the years I have read many books that I probably would not have read if I didn't have this system going.

I would encourage you to try this. It doesn't have to be one hour, it can be 30 minutes if you want.

There are a lot of good videos around the internet which share a lot of good information. There is something there you can use to increase your knowledge.

I like to watch videos about self-development, you can watch whatever you like. Just make sure that it is educational and it is filling your mind with good ideas

2. They get active and increase the strength to their body

Regular readers will know that I do Crossfit. I try and go four times a week. It's fun. I get a good sweat up and I can feel and see myself getting stronger.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

3. They reach out to those playing at a higher level.

People need mentors. They need to talk to people who have done what they want to do. They need to be challenged and a mentor can do that.

You need to always be striving to  reach that next level and someone who has attained that level can certainly help you out.

There you have it:

  • Study daily
  • Exercise regularly
  • Seek the assistance of people who have done it
Sounds simple doesn't it?

I'll see you at the gym at 6am tomorrow morning and then you can do your reading at 8pm tomorrow night. 

Doesn't sound so simple now, does it?

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