Thursday, 16 March 2017

Omotenashi Part 2


In this post I wrote about omotenashi. The Japanese concept that can be loosely translated as hospitality. I don't think that translation shows the nuance of the word. Another way to translate it is by saying that you are anticipating the other person's needs.

Today I thought about omotenashi again when I was at a convenience store that I go to semi-regularly. I deliberately went to the clerk who is always smiley and chatty. I get a good vibe from her and even though the interaction is short it always leaves with a good feeling.

Today, however, she was not herself. She obviously had a cold or the flu. She was wearing a mask and it was obvious that she wasn't feeling very well.

It goes without saying that I didn't enjoy the interaction today. I didn't like the fact that she looked sick and also that her sickness could be transferred to me. (Selfish I know, but if you can't look after number 1, who can look after, right?)

This got me thinking, did she go to work today because she needed the money and she wouldn't get any sick pay or did the bosses make her come because they couldn't be bothered finding a replacement. (If that was the case, they should be fired.)

Why should they be fired?

They didn't anticipate the needs of the employee or the customer (me).

I don't want to be served my food or anything with someone who is coughing, liquid spilling out of the nose and mouth. I know that it is part of being a human but it was just disgusting.

I don't like that old-fashioned idea of you should just laugh it off and you are weak for wanting a day off. By just having one day in bed, you might miss out on one day of work but you will feel better for the following four days instead of suffering for five days in a row.

I must admit that I have worked through colds and it isn't much fun although I've found that if I drink more water than normal for a couple of days I almost drown out the cold but I should really rest.

What's the point of the post?

Well, I believe when you catch cold or something worse, your body is saying to rest and rest you should.

If you are the boss, let them rest, one day off will raise their productivity for the rest of the week.

Just don't be like this boss.

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