Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Four Simple Rules

I was looking at this post on Instagram the other day. It talks about the 4 simple rules of life. They are simple but they are good and we should all follow them:

4 Simple Rules

1. Wake up early.
2. Work harder than you think you did yesterday.
3. Never go more than 3 days without exercise.
4. Make time to read every single day.

1. Wake up early

All the literature I read seems to have this as a very important one. 5am seems to be a time that is popular among these people and do you know what, I agree. I find that if I get up at this time and I have the discipline to stay up, I get a lot more done and it is quite pleasing to look at your watch and it is 9am and you have basically done everything that you needed to have done on that particular day. You've done the washing, you've been to the gym, you've done your reading and it is Saturday. Wow! You have the whole day to yourself.

Recently I saw a post talking about 5am. It said something like "winners are either going to bed at 5am or just getting up, which is just about right.

2. Work harder than you think you did yesterday.

For me this applies to work and also in the gym. If you and I can work harder than we did yesterday, then we are going to see results faster than normal. I'd like to think I work harder than previous day but I am human and sometimes that just won't work. After doing the Crossfit Open workouts I find that it takes me two or three days to get back to normal because I put a lot of physical and emotional energy into it.

The secret here is not to get down on yourself because you are not working as hard as the previous day. Recognise that you are a human being and that there are ups and downs in life but don't make a habit. This is fatal for your personal development.

3. Never go more than 3 days without exercise.

I'm going to let you in on a secret, I decided not to go to the gym today because I wanted to write this post and do some other things at my "office." For me that is the bad news. The good news is that I was at the gym yesterday and did a good running type workout and I will go tomorrow. I find if I start mission days at the gym, it starts getting easier to say no the following day and the following day and the following day and before you know it your belly is spilling over the top of your jeans, you are puffing as you walk up the stairs and you wake up tired instead of refreshed.

Do some exercise. It's good for you. Believe me.

4. Make time to read every single day.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I try to do this. I must admit that the last few days I have been slack and that is something in need to remedy. When you miss a few days it is difficult to get back into the habit and it is like getting your behind to the gym. It can take a big effort.

When you do get to the gym however it feels good and it makes it all seem worthwhile. It's the same with reading everyday. It can take some effort to start it but once you start, the things you read about can be quite interesting and it certainly helps you in social conversations.

Follow those four simple rules and you will get somewhere, I assure you.

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