Monday, 20 March 2017

Penn and Teller: An example of the archetypical introvert/extrovert relationship

This is Penn Jillette (the tall guy) and Teller. They are magicians. Penn is the orator of the pair while Teller very rarely speaks. Teller seems to be the slight of hand guy while Penn has mastered the art of misdirection very well. He also brings charisma to the pair and is a fantastic speaker. (Lets just say that I wish that I could speak half as well as he can.)

They have been working together in show business for more than 40 years and quite frankly I think they are very entertaining. I like the contrast of the loud, confident talking of Penn and the silent Teller. It really works and they have been extremely successful.

One of my favourites is the clip below from their show called Penn & Teller: Bullshit where they basically prank diners with bottled water. Even though all the waters are in different bottles the water comes from a garden hose.

Penn and Teller are a classic case of how well an introverted and extroverted character can work together. Penn is the outgoing talker of the couple while Teller is the quiet one and they both play their roles to perfection. I'm willing to bet that the characters they portray on television are what they are like in real life too.

I read that they really respect each other but they are not best friends. I'm sure they enjoy each other's company socially but they don't live in each other's pocket which in any good business relationship is the way it should be.

You would find that in many marriages or long-term relationships it is the same. I know my friend's parents, one is extroverted and the other is introverted. It works. You can play of each other's strengths and weaknesses.

I'm not saying that Teller can't talk well. There are a few videos on YouTube where he is speaking and he speaks well. It is just in their relationship, Penn is the better speaker so why shouldn't he do the speaking? I know for me he is very easy to listen to.

You are probably not going to consciously think about it when you are in a relationship but after awhile, you will see that one of the reasons that you are together is that the other person has characteristics that you admire or would like yourself. When you hear people say, "I'm attracted to him but I don't know why" (besides the obvious things) it is because they have things that you can't do.

Introverts and extroverts. You might annoy each other all the time but you really are a great combination and you should celebrate your relationship.

Penn and Teller. More than 40 years. In the age of the divorce, this shows that it is possible to keep your relationship going.

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