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WWJBD? or What would Dwayne Johnson do?

There is an abbreviation doing the rounds, "WWJBD?" (What would James Bond do? or if you like What would Jason Bourne do? or I've also seen What would Jack Bauer do?)

I'm sorry, there is only one JB and that is 007.


James Bond is a fictional character and although we can learn some things from him it is probably advisable to learn from a real life character and they don't come more real life than 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson. Regular readers of this blog will probably realise that I have talked about him quite a bit and guess what? I'm going to talk about him today too.

I was reading this article and there are some interesting ideas in it.

So, what can we learn from Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)?:

According to the article there are seven things:

1. Be Yourself

There are a lot of people out there who try and be someone that they are not. They think they have to pretend to be someone so that they fit into the society that they think is a fit to them. This is just a waste of time and energy and in the end you are not being authentic and most people are going to see right through you in about three seconds.

However in saying this I do believe that occasionally you are going to have to "come out of your shell." I can teach you how.

2. Consistency

Consistency is absolutely crucial. This is something that many people out there struggle with. The author of this post is case in point. I haven't been very consistent with things. This blog has helped me with consistency.

Finding time every single day, even on Saturdays and Sundays has given me some focus. Also freeing time in my day to go to the gym has been good to me. I'm consistently going 3 to 6 times a week.

If you consistently put in the work, before long, you will start to see the results. It's simple to say and it is simple I admit. The execution is the difficult part.

3. Effort

You have to put in the hard work. It's all very well going to the gym 3 to 6 times a week but if you are not putting in the effort it is a waste of time.

I used to go to a gym which had a really cool bath complex. It was nice to just have a long hot soak in the jacuzzi. It felt nice but I always felt a bit guilty.

Today's workout, I really went balls to the wall, so much so that I was literally slipping on my sweat doing the burpees. (For people who don't know what a burpee is, let me just say that they are hell. I hate them and I hate them with a passion.)

4. Developing the right habits

This is a difficult one because we want to maximise the good habits but try to minimise the bad habits. You have to create your day so that you are doing good things not harmful things and then you have to put in the effort and be consistent.

5. Self-Discpline

Well known self-help author Brian Tracy says the following: "Practice self-discipline in all things."

This is all about making the right choices. It is about having the salad instead of having the chocolate.  (FYI, I always go for the chocolate. Especially Cadbury.) It is about working on a Friday night or Sunday morning.

If you can consistently make the right choices, then you are going to be well on the way to, as a friend of mine would say, "kickin' ass."

6. Create your own motivation

Why are you doing what you are doing?

I'll tell you why I'm doing what I'm doing and it might sound overly dramatic but I want to change the world. There you go, I've said it. I don't think I can replicate the success of the two Steve's, Jobs and Wozniak but let see what I can do.

That is what is driving me. That's my motivation.

What is your motivation?

7. Vision

What is your vision?

I am trying to create the habit of visualisation where I visualise what I want to happen and in the last few months a couple of things that I have visualised have actually come to fruition. I spent a lot of time thinking and visualising in my mind what I wanted to happen and bang, it happened.

Try it. If you really believe it, you may be surprised at the results.

There you have it. WWDJD? What would Dwayne Johnson do? Follow his lead and I'm am sure that both, you and I can go a log way.

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