Sunday, 2 July 2017

Rules for dealing with introverts

Here are a list of things to remember when dealing with someone who is a little bit introverted:

1. Remember they are not shy. Repeat after me, introverts are not shy. Say it ten times. Remember, shyness if the fear social judgement and inversion is how you recharge your energy. BIG DIFFERENCE.

2. Introverts are not stuck-up. How dare you even think that? They do not think they are superior to you. Remember not everyone gets their rocks off by running around the dance floor on Friday and Saturday nights.

3. Introverts are not antisocial. They are listening to you. They are observing you. Introverts can't stand small talk. It doesn't excite them. It doesn't energise them as it does you. They can't get as enthused about Kim Kardashian as you can. What they will get enthused about are some solid topics. Maybe current events, maybe some kind of self-development. Maybe they want to talk about an interesting article they read recently.

4. An introvert would rather be at home with a close friend than 100 of their "closest" friends. The idea of air kissing and blowing smoke up your arse does not excite an introvert. It is fake after all, and introverts are the most real people that you will meet. Try it. Have a real conversation with someone who isn't a "party animal." You might be surprised how enjoyable the whole experience is.

5. Don't scold or embarrass a n introvert in public. You will lose a friend. It's as simple as that.

6. If an introvert opens themselves up to you, respect the fact that they like you, they respect you and most of all they trust you. They trust you so much that they want to share some of their deepest darkest secrets with you. Feel honoured that they want to do that.

Introverts are always around you. You might not hear them but you will miss them if they are gone. Don't let that happen.

Have fun dealing with an introvert however remember the above rules.

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