Friday, 7 July 2017

Introverts can be social too - Believe it or not

Believe it or not, introverted people can be social too.

Yeah! It's just that it has to be on our terms, not yours. Because of this situation, an introvert could come across as been an arsehole because they won't go along with your plans.

I remember when I would say no or try to change the plans with this sociable (ex) friend of mine, he would get very annoyed, very quickly and try to change it back to whatever he wanted to do. Of course at the time I just went along with it but it was never very comfortable for me and now I know why.

Also, if an introverted person organises something, go along with it. You don't know how difficult it was for them to put themselves out there like that. So, unless you have something on that you just can't get out of, meet up with them. You will probably have a good time.

Lets finish today's post with a quote:

"Sometimes we have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it'll work or it won't. That is life." -Alex Elle

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