Sunday, 30 July 2017


Lets face it, us native English speakers are pretty lazy.


You don't agree with me? Why not? How many other languages can you speak? I know you are pretty fluent in your mother tongue (well you should be anyway). But what else can you speak? No, swearing is not another language and the last time I checked, gibberish isn't a language either.

Learning to speak a foreign language opens up a whole new world to you.

Imagine if you learned to speak Mandarin Chinese. You could open yourself up to potentially 1 billion other people that you could talk to. If you are an outgoing extrovert that sounds like heaven.

A lot of you are going to say:

"What's the point in studying another language? Most people speak English anyway. So why should I waste my time?"

What are some of the benefits of learning another language?

1. Apparently it helps your brain. Like going to a gym to build muscle. Learning a new language helps build your brain. I know in Japan, a number of older retired men and women study foreign languages for fun, for social reasons and for learning in general. You can't question that.

2. Your whole world opens up and it makes life easier. I know in Japan I don't rely on anyone to escort me to the bank or to go through various things at shops etc. I'm very independent and life runs smoothly because of it.

3. I think it earns you respect. I respect all people who have a thorough understanding of the English language and can communicate to a good level. It shows that they have applied themselves and they have got the results. All power to them, I say.

Finally if you are not convinced, have a look at some of these videos and maybe you might change your mind:




Not convinced?

This is for guys. What if the woman of your dreams casually pops into your life and she can only speak Spanish. What are you going to do?

Yes, I know she speaks English but I think you get my point.

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