Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Online shopping: For introverts or extroverts?

More than 20 years ago I won a competition in the university newspaper. The prize was a free hour at the local Internet cafe.

At that time I didn't know what the Internet was. My friend and I went along and it was my first taste of the Internet. I remember chatting with somebody in North America and being blown away.

As we all know, the Internet and communication in general has come on in leaps and bounds. We can chat with anybody in the world by using a little device in our pockets called a smartphone

Isn't it amazing?

One thing that has come with the Internet in the last 20 years is the idea of online shopping. Just thinking now, I can think of three major companies, Amazon, Rakuten and Alibaba.

So, is online shopping an introvert's heaven?

Do introverts go to a website while extroverts love the shopping mall?

Is online shopping boring for an extroverted person or does the convenience of it all trump that?

These are interesting questions aren't they?

My uneducated guess is that extroverts do like the shopping mall. The idea of having hundreds of people walking around and being able to talk to the shop assistants and other people would really energise an extrovert while sitting behind a computer screen wouldn't do that as much. It could be considered boring, god forbid.

Online shopping is a godsend for introverted people. This, however, doesn't mean that you can sit at home all day and not venture out into the big, bad world.

No sir. Not all all. It is another option, but it shouldn't be your only option. You need that social time. You need that time to talk to other people. (Not just the pizza delivery guy.)

Don't hide yourself behind the computer screen.Venture out from time to time. You might be surprised what you find.

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