Saturday, 15 July 2017

Don't share everything.

I posted a couple of photos on Facebook today as well as Instagram. I don't go overboard, but if I see something interesting, I will take a photo and share it if I deem it worthy.

Many people do go overboard with their sharing, Sharing something every half hour or so. So much so that it becomes noise and people delete it or stop following it.

I think social media is a good place for shy and introverted people to come out of their shells and share what they think of the world. That's excellent.

Often they are able to express themselves better through the written word as opposed to talking.

However, I have also been reading that the closest couples are the ones that keep their relationships off social media. That makes sense as you do want to keep some things private and the law of averages suggest that one day you are going to share something that your partner will not approve of and bang you are in a big pile of you know what.

Be selective in what you share. Show some things but not everything. Keep some things secret and you should have a happy and fulfilling time with your significant other.

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