Friday, 14 July 2017

Stay away from the flock

This is a flock of sheep. Some of you may well be familiar with this especially if you grew up in the southern hemisphere.

What are sheep known for?

Delicious meat?

Also they tend to follow each other. If one sheep goes the rest follow and that is why we get the expression 'sheeple.'

The word sheeple may be a new word for some of you. Basically, it is when you compare people to sheep in that they are docile, foolish and easily led.

That is why it takes courage to stand by yourself. It is easy to go with the crowd. It is easy to go with what a large percentage of the population is doing.

To stand by yourself, you risk ridicule. You risk being ostracised from your group. You risk been seen as a failure.

To get anywhere though, you need to at times stand by yourself. You need to turn your hearing off to the naysayers and you need to jump in with both feet.

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