Saturday, 9 July 2016

You can't please everyone

This might scare the bejesus out of some of you but you are going to have to listen and you are going to have to listen carefully. Because I am only going to say this once. Are you ready?

You can't please everyone. I know that shocks some of you. Actually I know that it shocks a lot of you. You can't please everyone.

If you try to please everyone you are going to run out of gas. You will wander around in a dazed stupor and you will not get anything done.

The people that you encounter in your everyday life bring with them all sorts of problems and insecurities and assumptions to their dealings with you. You are not responsible for what they think or react to what you do or even don't do.

If you are going to please anyone, focus on pleasing the people around you. Your family, your close friends, your lovers, partners etc. All the other people are not worth your time.

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