Monday, 25 July 2016

The Daily RBL Month Number One

I have almost completed four months of this blog. I think this is the 113th or 114th post and it is slowly taking shape.

For the next four days I thought I would take the opportunity to review what has been said and then see where we are going with this whole thing.

The first thing I learnt was from that icon of the silver screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You have to have a vision. You have got to know where you are going and even more importantly why you want to get there. At the beginning of this blog I certainly did not know either of these things. I now know where I'm going with this blog but I don't think I have a concrete why. That might be a task to do in the next few days to sit down and think of my whys.

I rediscovered the pleasures of meditation and I would seriously suggest to all of you out there to try and do some at least once a day. It definitely clears your mind and you feel a lot better.

I also discovered the Miracle Morning. For those of you who don't know what this is, let me give you a quick recap. Basically it is process of waking up early and doing a list of things that get your day off to a good start and gets you heading in the right direction.

My list of things is meditation, followed by affirmations and then visualisation. Then the final three things are journalling, reading and then finally exercise. I've just started doing it again and lets hope that I can keep it going this time.

I've learnt that it's all about the process. Success is not just an event. It is a process where you put in the hours, the effort and the toil to get that success. It is about working hard and consistently improving yourself.

That's a good word, consistency. I think what this blog has taught me more than anything else is that you have to be consistent and if you are consistent then good things will come.

Another thing that I have learned with this blog and I heard this from my blogging partner, he said that you have to take ownership. You have to grab the task by the throat and claim it and say you are mine. You are going to hit it out of the park as they say in America.

Finally, I think that the most important things that I learned in the first month of this blog was about successful people. I learned that successful people:

1. Focus on the positive - Yes, I think that I have been way more positive in the last couple of months than maybe in the last couple of years.

2. They spend time in solitude.

3. They have a long-term vision. After writing this blog for some time it finally was taking shape and I have a vision about where I want this to go.

4. Successful people have a mindset development routine. This is where the Miracle Morning comes in for me. It helps me start the day the right way.

5. Only associate with those who build them up - Yes that seems right. Negative people are out and positive people are in. You should try it yourself.

6. Eat clean and healthy. This is still very much a work in progress. I think like most things this is about organisation and preparation.

7. Workout regularly. I must admit that I took a couple of weeks off and when I got back into my exercise I started feeling my age. The scales are inching down again. So that's good for me.

8. Successful people have an attitude of gratitude. I think this could be part of my morning routine where I give thanks. That sounds very religious doesn't it? But doesn't have to be.

There you have it, the first months review. I look forward to the second month.

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