Sunday, 10 July 2016

Smart use of the phone

For those of you who know me, you will know that I have a love/hate relationship with the smartphone.

It's interesting to observe how different people use their smartphones. Let me tell you the story of two people.

First person, lets call him Jason. Jason loves his iPhone 5. He is glued to it 24 hours a day. He is constantly updating Facebook. He is constantly replying to comments, usually one or two words at the most. He is posting photos of himself doing all sorts of things. His workmates say that he will organise parties or other events at the spur of the moment.

His wife gives him grief. She says that if he spent half as much time giving her attention as he does that small screen she and as an extension, he would be very happy. What's that saying? Happy wife, happy life.

Lets go onto the second person, we shall call him Robert. Robert also likes his iPhone 6s. He likes it because he can send and receive emails. He likes it because he can do his banking when he doesn't have time to get to the bank itself. He likes it because he can watch videos when he has some free time and he can't be bothered doing any work or reading or the like.

So, we have two people who both like their smartphones. "So what?" I hear you say. "We all like our smartphones. That isn't earth shattering news."

Well, that's true but isn't it interesting how Jason and Robert are using their phones? Jason is the archetypal extrovert. He has to be in contact with a thousand people at once. He wants to be the centre of attention and if he can't be in the spotlight offline 24/7 then he will try his best to be in the spotlight online for as many hours as he can. He loves getting likes on Facebook and interacting with people.

Robert on the other hand is a bit more, shall we say introverted. He uses his phone for his own entertainment. He likes to sit there and find out what is going on in the world by reading articles, watching videos etc. He likes to get the odd message but he doesn't want to spend all day and all night chatting with someone. He would much rather watch something on Youtube.

There you have it. Two people, two phones, two completely different agendas. Which person are you? Are you Jason? Are you Robert? Or are you in between?

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