Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Daily RBL Month Number Three

One of the main themes of June was the situational extrovert. To recap, the situational extrovert is someone who is usually an introvert but for the purpose of the event or situation they are in they become extremely extroverted. They jump around the room. They talk to everyone. They literally become the life and soul of the party.  This is what this blog wants to develop because lets face it, we do live in an extroverted world.

There are the five rules of the situational extrovert:

1. You have to treat everyone with respect. This is a no-brainer.

2. Forget about the small talk. Seriously, you and I are useless at it so why put ourselves through it.

3. Focus on the other person. Yes, this is the big idea. Stay in the moment and LISTEN to what the other person is saying.

4. Don't brag.

5. Share your opinions but don't ram it down other people's throats. Yep, share that opinion, that's great. Don't go all evangelical though.

Other things that you could give a try to that were published in this month were:

1. When you make a decision, give it 100%. In other words, don't make the decision and then regret it 5 minutes after.

2. Remember to fight for your vision. Some people will try to bring you down saying that you can't do it or no one will buy. They are being negative because they can't do it themselves. Stay focused.

3. Don't ever, ever, ever use your introversion as an excuse.

4. Say hello to people and stop hiding behind that introversion veil.

Finally another important one and I'm willing to bet that many introverts use these words too and I think that they probably use these words too much because I know that I do, don't say "I'm sorry" unless that you really have to. Use these words wisely and of course sparingly.

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