Friday, 8 July 2016

I'm angry!!!

I read this article and watched the video that went with it today. They were wondering why the weather guy seemed to be in a bad mood. It is a video of the weather guy from New Zealand breakfast television.

I left New Zealand in 1997 and around that time breakfast television was in it's infancy. In fact when I was growing up either television broadcasts didn't start until about mid-morning or we were told off for wanting to watch television in the morning. However I have been back to New Zealand a few times and the people in my family seem to watch or listen to breakfast television every morning. Oh how things have changed.

Anyway, the people on the video were wondering why the weather guy was in a bad mood. They were saying that he is always smiling, always joking, always there with some banter. They seemed worried that he wasn't himself on that particular day.

Well let me answer their question. He was in a bad mood. People are allowed to be in bad moods from time to time. When you are always in a good mood and always seem to be having a good time it can be uncomfortable for the people around you that you are not in a good mood and "you are not your normal self."

I say stuff them. You are human. You have emotions. You can't be the life and soul of the party 24/7 and if the people around you are uncomfortable about it then that is their problem not yours.

You need to show your emotions from time to time. This shows that you are not a terminator sent back in time to kill John Connor. It shows that you are human and that you need an outlet from time to time and who knows, that outpouring of emotion maybe that kick in the backside, that fire under your butt that you need to get yourself moving and to achieve things in your life.

Remember, show emotion and use that energy.  You never know what you might get.

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