Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Smile, smile, smile

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about trying to say hello to people out on the streets.

How is it going for you? I must admit that it is very difficult for me although I have had a master of it staying with me this week. My father does it naturally. He will walk down the street and just say hello. Some people say hello back. Some people ignore him and some people grunt and say hello. It doesn't seem to faze him whatever the reaction.

Here is the challenge for people who like me may find it a little difficult to say hello to people around you. Why don't you try to smile at people who walk by?

I know that when I walk by people I will look at them but my challenge and your challenge is not to say hello but to just smile. Do you think you can do that?

As I saw on Instagram the other day, 'If you see someone with out a smile, give them one of yours.'

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