Tuesday, 12 July 2016

More Instagram wisdom

This is an interesting link on Instagram. Sometimes I flick through Instagram and there are always interesting posts.

This one says '5 things to quit immediately.'

1. Trying to please everyone. 

Here is the link to the post I did on this concept. If you do try to please everyone then you are going to drive yourself crazy. 

2. Fearing change.

I know that I am one who doesn't adapt to change very well. But change is all around us and for you to get anywhere you need to be able to adapt to change because if you don't you will be in the same place and you will slowly wear yourself down.

3. Living in the past.

Yes this is a big problem for me. Of course I should really know that something that happened 27 and a half years ago isn't going to change now but I still worry about what I might of said or what I might have done. What a waste of energy right? Stop thinking of the past, you can't change it.

4. Putting yourself down.

Why are you trying to put yourself down when a lot of other people out there are trying to pull you down to their level? Let them do that. They are not going to pull you down because you know that no one can do that. Think positively.

5. Overthinking.

I tend to overthink things. It's terrible. Why can't I make the decision and trust myself that I have made the right decision? Yes, don't overthink things because you usually make the right decision and if it is wrong, your gut will tell you that you have stuffed up.

Stop doing these five things and your life will be a lot brighter.

Thank you Instagram again. You are a great resource. 

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