Thursday, 7 July 2016

Preparation breeds confidence

Someone came to me today looking for help with an interview with the American embassy. He is going to work in Miami for the next three years or so. So I looked up some websites that give advice on what to do when you go for these visa interviews.

One of the points that came out when I looked it up was to be confident. This is the kind of advice we see everywhere which means absolutely nothing. So often we see these words "just be confident." How are you supposed to be just confident?

Well, it comes down to preparation. If you are prepared then the confidence is going to come.

Think back to the times at school when you were taking tests/exams etc. When were you confident? Of course the times when you were prepared. You had done the study, you had done the preparation you felt confident as you walked into that room.

For introverts/ambiverts, this can work for you too when you go to a function or a party. I know for a lot of you that kind of event can be quite tiresome and you can find yourself standing at the side. The proverbial wallflower.

So before you go to these events prepare yourself. Find out what is going on in the world. Try to go over in your mind what kind of conversations you might have. Even visualise in your mind you leading the conversation. This will make you feel more confident and you will have a better time all around.

Remember to prepare for things that you are not sure about. This can help you in all areas of your life and one good preparation session will help you in one area but that will overlap into other areas of your life.

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