Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Not so smart

Why do we walk around like zombies? Why do a lot of us walk round with our faces in our smartphones not looking where we are going?

I will admit that I like my smartphone as much as anyone. I like to lie in bed reading the newspaper or checking email. I like that fact that you can do your banking on it or check your social media accounts.

However what really annoys me are people who are even more addicted to their smartphones than me. They walk around the streets looking constantly at their smartphones holding up people walking behind them because they are walking slow. They walk into people because they are not looking. It is very annoying.

If you are one of these  people who walk around the streets with their heads down looking at their phone, may I ask you one favour? STOP IT!!!

Get your head up and look ahead. Smile at the people walking the other way and god forbid say hello. You might open up a whole new world that you don't even know exists.

With your eyes constantly on your smartphone maybe you are missing your soul mate walking past you. Maybe you are not going to see something bad coming towards you, all because you have to check your Facebook account for the fifteenth time that day.

Smartphones are very useful but use them wisely and make sure you connect with people offline as well as online. It will make your life a whole lot more fun to live.

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