Saturday, 16 July 2016

Lack of organisation is the thief of time

Organisation. Are you very well organised? I must say that I'm not the best. My day started at 4.30am this morning and I'm writing this at 11pm. I like to think of this as a priority but you wouldn't think so by my lack of urgency today.

That word urgency makes me think of the Stephen Covey book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In this book Covey talks about things that are urgent and things that are important.

Most people tend to focus on the urgent things because, well, they have to be done now and you are probably going to piss someone off if you don't get it done so you better do it now.

The important things therefore, e.g. this blog, are pushed back and back until you can't push them back any further and it is 11pm and you think to yourself that you have got to do them. That is exactly what has happened to me today.

I'm sure if I was really focused and sat down at sometime during the day I would have a time where I could have at the very least made a start on this post rather than waiting for the last minute or the last hour in this case. But because of my lack of organisation I am rushing to get this done.

Try this, why don't you set down at the start of everyday or even better the night before and plan out your day? You don't have to take too long over it. You could visualise yourself going through your tasks and then thinking about the reward that you give yourself at the end of the day when you have managed to complete all of your tasks like having a nice bath, or drinking a cold beer or watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones or trying to find Pokemon.

You can experience all of these if you are organised. Right, I better go and think about tomorrow.

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