Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The new digs

For the last year and a half I have lived in a small 20 square metre apartment in the middle of Tokyo. Just down the road from Tokyo Tower with a view of some big Tokyo buildings. It was ideal because it was cheap to move into. (Moving into a new place in Japan can be helluva expensive) It was quite convenient in terms of transport with four or five stations within walking distance and my favourite sports bar just five minutes walk down the road. What more could you ask for right?

Well I wanted something a little bit more spacious. Something where I could come home at night and watch TV in a lounge. Somewhere where I could cook my food in a reasonable sized kitchen and not worry about smoking out my bedroom so that I would be coughing myself to sleep. I wanted somewhere where I could have a separate toilet. Where I could have a big bathroom and even a dressing room with a big mirror with plenty of storage space.

Well, I found it and it is pretty cool. It is in a great location for me. The train stations are pretty close and the place where I do a lot of my work is now a 5 minute walk away as opposed to a 20 minute uphill walk. It's fantastic. I've been using my work space a lot more and because of that I have been able to keep this blogging exercise going.

I have always wanted to live in a big apartment in the middle of the city. A few years ago I had that opportunity and it was great. It was an older apartment. At that time it was about 35 years old. The carpet was quite old but it reminded me a lot of my grandparents' old house. I think the white carpet and the underfloor heating were the reason I remembered that. However I couldn't live there forever and due to a reason that had nothing to do with me at all I was asked to leave. In fact the landlord couple told me that they had an argument about it over me. One wanted me to stay and the other wanted me to leave. Anyway, the apartment I'm living in now is twice the size of that one and it something that I have longed for.

Of course I do have other goals in mind and maybe buy my own place in the near future but there is a lot of work to be done before that happens and this blog post is just a small step.

The whole point of this is if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it. It may not be the conventional way but it will in the end get you the result that want. You may have to move things around and maybe cut a couple of things here and there but in the end as I said if you want it bad enough, you will find a way. This goes for anything, whether it be finding an apartment, getting a new job, starting your own business, accomplishing a goal in sport. Whatever it is, you will find a way.

Now, I have some work to do to accomplish my next goal. I hope you are all working hard trying to accomplish yours.

I've put a couple of photos below of my new place. It's so cool. My bathroom is almost the same size as my old apartment. I wish I had some photos of the old place so you can compare.

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