Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to come out of your shell?

Isn't it amazing how one song can change everything?

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a darts fan. I find it fascinating how they have basically taken a pub sport and turned it into a spectacle. I can't think of an appropriate adjective. It is very cool.

Before I continue, I would like you to have a look at this video below:

This is a video of the walk-on to the stage of Vincent van der Voort. I think the last time I read he was ranked about 15th or 16th in the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) so not one of the elite but still a very good darts player.

I suppose you could describe Vincent van der Voort as a journeyman but he is very popular because of two reasons:

1. He plays quite quickly which means it is interesting to watch.

2. The crowd like, no I mean they LOVE his walk-on song. The commentators reckon the crowd                 waits all night just to sing his walk-on song.

Isn't it amazing that one song can change a whole person's persona?

I must admit that I haven't watched many of Vincent van der Voort's matches but he doesn't come across as a crowd favourite. Someone like Peter Wright does however come across as a crowd favourite. Have a look at this video below:

Peter Wright loves to play to the crowd, dancing around. Look at his haircut, that colour seems to change everyday. Peter Wright seems much more charismatic. He seems to play to the crowd and they love him.

Vincent van der Voort on the other hand does not seem that charismatic at all. He is a good professional darts player but that is it. At the start of his walk-on video his punch in the air looks very uncomfortable and even when he is high-fiving the crowd it doesn't look right. The only time he looks natural is when he greets the young boy in the Where's Wally (Waldo) costume.

What Vincent van der Voort has done is that he has chosen wisely with his choice of song. I presume they choose their songs themselves. The song is a popular one and it is easy to sing a long with that it has helped what I think is an introverted darts player come out of his shell and it has probably helped his career no end.

In everyday life not necessarily in the darting world you too can come out of your shell by maybe wearing something a little different that stands out. People will have no option but to ask you about it.

You could have an unusual business card. I've seen some interesting ones over the years and they are memorable.

Another idea is that you could take on a Sasha Fierce type alter ego. (Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter ego.) This would be I imagine very difficult for most introverted people but if you can pull it off then all power to you.

Having that little bit something different can really help you get to another level in your development. What are you going to do to make that next step?

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