Monday, 1 August 2016

Hole-in-one golf and salsa dancing

Life is about taking risks. A high percentage of people go through life trying to avoid risks but it is in that risk taking in which learning takes place. You might succeed by taking that risk or you might fail but at the end of the day you would have learnt something which in my book is much better than if you had done nothing at all.

A lot of us introverted people don't like putting our face at there, right? We prefer to stay in the background and just get on with it. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you, occasionally you have to get out from behind that computer screen or TV screen or smartphone and get out and do something.

I must admit that this blog is quite scary for me because I am putting a lot of personal stuff out there and it is scary because people might judge me for it or want to put me down but I believe that it has to be heard and if there are going to be haters well I have to deal with that. Just by saying that goes against what I am about.

I remember in my second year at high school we had a hole-in-one competition on the school field. Over three days we had to pay one dollar for a chance to win a car. It was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we turned up at school on Friday morning and went out to the 'driving range' to have a look. Of course no one wanted to be the first person to have a whack so I stepped up. I don't think I have ever hit the ball worse than that shot on that morning with about 20 people watching. It was quite embarrassing but my point is that I decided to have a go. I took the risk of embarrassment and tried it. Many people both extroverted and introverted wouldn't do it

I have also in the past few years gone to a few salsa dancing classes. One of my friends still gives me grief about it. I must admit I was pretty hopeless. What do they say? I had two left feet would sum that experience up quite nicely. My point is that I gave it a go and found it that it wasn't really for me but I wouldn't have known if I didn't.

Sometimes you have to take that kind of risk. You have to anticipate the ridicule and just try to imagine that you are a duck and the ridicule is water on your back. A lot of the people who like to ridicule you probably want to go to salsa dancing but they are scared that they might not look good while they are doing it, so take that as a sign of confidence in yourself and give it a go.

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