Sunday, 28 August 2016

My bucket list

Some people have bucket lists. Things that they want to do before they die. It might be a list of places they want to travel to. Things they may want to do before they die. Skydive, bungy jump, ski down Mount Everest. (I don't think you can do the last one but I'm sure that it is on someone's list.)

You have probably guessed if you are a regular reader that I like my sports and a few years ago I made a bucket list of sporting events that I would like to witness. I would like to share that list with you today. You might have your own sporting bucket list and I would love to hear what you would have in your list.

I have divided my list up into sports. So lets have a look.


Rangers v Celtic - This is one of the most emotionally charged derbies in world football and it would be absolutely awesome to experience the atmosphere.

Look at this video from an Old Firm derby match at Ibrox, the home ground of Rangers. This is in the minutes before the kickoff.

FA Cup Final at Wembley - I remember watching my first FA Cup final when I was 7. Tottenham drew with Manchester City from memory. It went to a replay later in the week. I think that because of the popularity of European competitions, the FA Cup has lost a little of its lustre but I would still love to go to the final. (Hmm, I wonder who I know in London. I wonder if I can stay with them.)

World Cup Football - I don't care what game it is I think that it would be so cool to go to a World Cup football match. I would have loved to have been in Rustenburg when Winston Reid equalised in the 93rd minute to grab a draw for the All Whites (New Zealand) against Slovakia at the 2010 Fifa World Cup.


As a New Zealander I am obligated to put this one in. This is going to include a few All Black games right. In fact it is probably only going to be All Black games.

All Blacks v Wales at Cardiff - New Zealand and Wales are basically the only two countries where rugby is the main sport and ever since 1905 when Wales beat New Zealand with a disputed try they have had an ongoing rivalry. I think that the atmosphere at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff would be awesome.

All Blacks v South Africa in Johannesburg - My father went to this game in 2012. It was played in Soweto which was very symbolic at the time. I think that it would be good to go to Ellis Park which is the spiritual home of Springbok rugby. I'm sure being a Kiwi in that lot would be a very interesting experience.

All Blacks v Australia in Sydney - It's Australia. Do I really need to explain more?

All Blacks v England at Twickenham - This is one of the biggest rugby stadiums in the world and everyone seems to want to beat the 'Poms.' Maybe it is because of the colonial past or the fact that it is really annoying when they win. I don't know. It is just good to beat England.


I'm not a petrolhead by any means but there are a couple of events that take my fancy.

Monte Carlo Grand Prix - This to me is what Formula One seems. Glamour, exotic locations, money. I would be amazing to experience it and then go and lose some of that money at the casino. That would be a pretty cool day. I might even see James Bond there.

Daytona 500 - A few years ago I got interested in NASCAR. I don't know why, it is quite boring because they just go round and round in a circle unlike the Formula One where at least they have some curves and hairpins. I think what attracts me to it is that it is a real southern sport in the US. I think the culture in that part of the world would be fascinating.


Tour de France in the Pyrenees  - I'm informed that this is the largest annual sporting event in the world and I think that it would be fascinating to follow it around for a week or so. You would get to see some amazing French countryside and I'm sure the hospitality would be great. French people have told me that it is like a different universe between Paris and the French countryside.


Lords test match - This is the home of cricket and any game between England and another team would be awesome. Obviously it would be good if it was New Zealand but I'm not going to be fussy.

Cricket in the West Indies - From what I have seen on the television cricket in the Caribbean looks very cool. The drums, the dancing. The pools on the side of the ground. It looks like it would be the antithesis of a Lords test match. What do you think?

Chennai Superkings game in Chennai - This is a IPL (Indian Premier League) team. Actually anywhere in India would be great but since I am a Chennai fan then I go to go to Chennai.

New Zealand v Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) - Another New Zealand Australia rivalry. I have been to the Melbourne Cricket Ground before but for me the SCG seems to have that little bit more history and it is smaller than the MCG so think would have a better atmosphere.


Masters at Augusta - I think for most golf people this is the most exciting tournament of the year. I think that I first took notice of it in 1996 when Nick Faldo overturned a 5 shot deficit to beat Greg Norman by 6 shots. It seems to always provide drama every year. Also another reason is similar to the Daytona 500 in that you get to experience the southern culture. That would be interesting.

The Open at St. Andrews - This like Lords is the home of golf. The tradition is something that would draw me to this tournament. You would have to take a jacket or two and I don't mean a green jacket. It can get very, very cold.


Because it is the Olympics.


Wimbledon - I don't know this for certain but I think this is the number one tournament of the year. I think it's because of the tradition and the rules. I like the fact that they can only wear white. Although I think the best thing that I want to do is have strawberries and cream. Yummy!


New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - This seems to be a real fierce baseball rivalry. I loved to go to Boston and watch a game. I'm sure that the insults would fly at the New York players.

World Boxing Title Fight in Las Vegas - It would be good if it was a heavyweight fight but it doesn't matter. Maybe Joseph Parker in a few years.

New York City Marathon - I've always wanted to run a marathon and this one seems to be the best but the thing is I don't like running so maybe I will never do it. We shall see.

State of Origin Rugby League match - This is arguably the best rugby league in the world. The passion and energy they show is amazing.

PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace  - It looks so much fun on television. Whoever thought that darts would be a great spectator sport? They have turned it into one though.

There we have it. What is on your bucket list? Do you have a plan about how you are going to do it? That's what we have to work out next, right?

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