Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Would you live on Mars?

There have been many people over the years talk about living on Mars. Here is the latest one. In this article, Elon Musk the billionaire engineer and inventor says that we are closer to living on Mars than we think. That might be exciting for some people who see it as the last frontier and they want to experience the red planet in all it's glory.

It got me thinking, wouldn't this be an introvert's dream? I mean you would go to Mars with a handful of other people. You might not be able to return to planet Earth but you would have plenty of solitude. As I said there are only going to be a handful of people and when you feel like getting some alone time I'm sure that there will be plenty of places to go.

So, should introverts be getting there applications ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity?


Why on earth (pun intended) would you want to do something like this?

There is no guarantee that you will be able to get back home and you will probably die on Mars.

If there is only a handful of people going and you don't get on with them then it is going to be a pretty lonely existence and don't tell me that that is what you are looking for. I mean it is OK to be away from other people for a couple of days and nights but for the rest of your life? I think that you would be crazy to even contemplate it.

Remember, just because you classify yourself as an introvert, it doesn't mean that you want to get away from all other human beings.

You are an introvert. You recharge by spending time alone not by cutting yourself off from all mankind.

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