Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Blairina (Griselda)

It really hurts me to write about this today as I can get quite emotional about it all.

Blairina, as you see in the title is name that my friend came up with about times when I don't want to talk with him or when I am out of contact. I don't reply to his email or his texts. It is basically a nickname for my extreme introvert personality.

I'm not alone with this. Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady of the United States of America was known to have moods in which she called Griselda.

'Griselda' (Blairina) moments are moments of fear, jealously, sadness in which they get so bad they basically immobilise you. This immobilisation could be a few hours, or a few days or a few weeks. You just want to hide away and not talk to anyone and basically stew in your own juices. Believe me, it is not very healthy at all. It is not fun especially if you are sitting by yourself and constantly looking at Facebook. You see people having fun at the beach or having a great dinner with their partner and you are there in your room wishing that you hadn't been born. It isn't a way to live your life.

How do you get rid of this? How do you get out of bed and face the world with the enthusiasm and intelligence that we all have?

You have to find your purpose. You have to find a why. If you have that then those late nights and those early mornings and those dead end jobs that are paying the bills are going to be worth it.

I found my purpose with this blog. I haven't missed a day for about six months and now I am looking to expand on this blog to bigger and better things.

When you feel that things are not going your way, think about what is your purpose, why have you been put on this earth to do and you will wake up in the morning and want to get going. It won't feel like a chore, it will feel good and you can't help it. You will be on the way to succeeding.

Good luck and if Griselda comes along, kick it out and say you are not going to get me because I know what I am doing.

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