Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Have you even been derided for accomplishing a goal?

Yesterday I talked about a guy in Blenheim, New Zealand who dared to wear a pink shirt on the way home one night. He got attacked by a couple of guys who didn't think a guy wearing a pink shirt was very manly. What a couple of idiots.

On the back of that article I see this article about a woman who lost 113 kilograms getting hate mail and death threats because ... she lost 113 kilograms. WHAT?!?! You have got to be kidding me.

Who are these people who are giving this woman these ridiculous threats just because she decided that enough was enough and did something about it? How stupid can you be? We should be applauding her not telling he to fall off a bridge or jump in front of a train.

This woman obviously took a look at her life and thought that something was not really right and so she decided to do something about it and my word she really has done something about it, just look at the photos in the article.

This is I am sure what she did:

1. She would have set herself a goal.

2. She would have constructed a plan to accomplish that goal.

3. She would have worked that plan.

4. She would have celebrated getting to various milestones.

Simple really.

When I look at it, that is what you do for any goal and the people around you will support you until the end and if they don't, get rid of them. They should be almost as happy about you accomplishing your goal as you are not telling you to do nasty things to yourself.

If you want to make a difference in life look at changing yourself which is what this woman did and I say good on her and we need to support her, give her a standing ovation.

Remember what the late Michael Jackson said:

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