Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Introvert Problems Part 1

Over the next three days I want to go through 30 problems that only introverts can relate to and the more extroverted person is probably thinking, WHAT?

You can find the meme here.

Anyway, without further ado, lets get into the list of problems with my commentary.

1. Practicing conversations with people you'll never talk to. 

Does that sound familiar to you introverts? I do this all the time and as it says most of these conversations never happen. Earlier this year I was stressing about a conversation that I was sure that was going to occur and nothing ever came of it. It was just all wasted energy and time and stress when I should have just got on with my life.

2. When you want to cut all ties to civilisation but still be on the internet. 

Of course! I might not want to talk to anyone face to face but I still want to know what is going on in the rugby and cricket around the world. Why not? I'm not interacting with anyone. I'm just looking at a computer screen Hey, at least give me the internet.

3. When you friend wants to invite more people over, and you don't want to sound like a bad person by saying no.

I have a friend like this. Every time, I mean every time, "can I bring a friend?" Really? I want to hang out with you. I don't want awkward conversation with someone I just met. That's not the point. I want to catch up with you and you only. Three is definitely a crowd.

4. When spending a heavenly weekend alone means that you're missing out on time with friends.

Yes, I have had weekends like this where I just had to stay by myself because quite frankly I needed the time alone but I still wanted to know what was going on as it was important to me just know what I was missing out on so that in the next instance I could make an "informed" decision about whether or not I should waste my precious alone time by socialising. Hey, for introverts these are big decisions and don't mock them.

5. And you fear that by doing so, you are nearing hermit status.

Lets get it straight, introverts are not hermits, far from it. Also remember that there isn't just two boxes with introverts in one box and extroverts in the other box. There is a scale. Lets say introverts on the left and extroverts on the right, well the hermit will be on the extreme left but most of you who are reading this are not that. You like to socialise on occasions so you will never become a hermit. Most of you have to go to work anyway.

6. When your ride at a party doesn't want to leave early, and no one seems to understand your distress. 

My extroverted friend was telling me the other day about his introverted wife trying to drag him out of a party. Usually he is just starting to warm up when she is ready to go home. You can see the conflict in this one, right? Neither person is probably going to understand each other. He probably thinks she is being anti-social and she thinks he is being inconsiderate. I wonder if there are going to many marriages saved after people figure this stuff out.

7. The feeling of dread that washes over you when the phone rings and you're not mentally prepared to chat.

Just don't answer it or better yet, turn your phone off. There you go, problem solved.

8. When you have an awesome night out, but have to deal with feeling exhausted for days after the fact. 

See I told you, introverts like to have the night out. We aren't hermits, we like to go out, have a few drinks. Flirt a bit, have a bit of boogie. But we know our limits, we know we can't stay out to the sparrows start chirping. It is just not going to happen. We need time to decompress.

There you have the first 8 of introvert problems. Do you see any of yourself in these? I bet you do. I can relate to all of them.

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