Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tony Robbins' Human Needs: Love/Connection

Love is the be all and end all of life. It is what we all need and want the very most.

When we are in love, life is great. We feel alive, we feel as like we could fly with the birds in the sky. However, when we lose love, it is like someone has come and kicked you in the guts. You lose your appetite and things turn to custard.

So how do you meet your need for love?

1. An extrovert might go out and go to a bar or a club and try to meet his or her need by trying to get some kind of a connection.

2. An introvert might stay at home with his or her significant other and connect with them.

3. Some of us use social media like Facebook to stay connected. How many times have you opened your phone in one day to check you Facebook feed?

4. Have you ever been to a Meetup Group event? This is where we can connect with people who have similar interests.

There are negative ways to get the need of love or connection.

1. You may keep your job just because you have a good connection with the other employees even though you can't stand the job as such. You don't want to lose that connection.

2. You can be needy in a relationship that it drains the love of the other person. (Unfortunately I understand this feeling all too well) In the end the relationship is over and that is when you get that kick in the guts that I mentioned before.

It is thought that the need for significance can overweigh the need for love which means that there are many very successful people out there who are down and out in the love department. They are so focused on their careers that they struggle to commit to a relationship.

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