Sunday, 4 September 2016

Stuck on a deserted island = Heaven? I doubt it.

Spoiler Alert:

Have you seen the movie Cast Away? It came out in 2000 and starred Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks' character was a time obsessed employee of FedEX who was involved in a plane crash in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. He washed up on a deserted island about 600 miles south of the Cook Islands.

What also washed up were some FedEx packages. Our hero used those packages to build things and for everyday uses.

Basically the movie is in three parts. The first part is Tom Hanks pre-crash and just after when he washes up on the island. The second part is four years later when he is still on the island and has made himself at home so to speak. The third part is after he is rescued and he is back in the US.

My question today for you is how would you survive with no one to speak to but a volleyball for four years?

It sounds like introvert heaven, doesn't it.

Even though a big percentage of us are introverts and we like to recharge by ourselves, the idea of being stuck on somewhere for FOUR YEARS with nowhere to go is something that does not sound very appealing at all.

You hear a lot of people say that they found the perfect hideaway and they had a great holiday either by themselves or with their significant other. The most they are away is two weeks before they get back to civilisation.

Those two weeks may be blissful but surely we all need some social interaction from time to time so I'm willing to bet that even though it is difficult to leave your tropical hideaway that after a couple of weeks a little bit of you is looking forward to getting back to normalcy.

Imagine four years though. Four years on a tropical island for sure but there is no swimming pool, no shower, no Isaac serving cocktails on the promenade deck. (My generation will understand what that means.) I think that you would go crazy and Tom Hanks' character did.

It's all very well being able to recharge by yourself or in a small group but once in awhile you need to get out of that shell and do some socialising. I know for some of you that can be a hassle but for your own sanity it is a must. And who knows you might even enjoy it and want to go again and again.

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