Sunday, 18 September 2016

Do nothing. It will feel good. Just don't make a habit of it.

A quick post today with a very specific message.

Remember that you need time to recharge and it is ok to lie in bed all day or lie down on the couch and watch movies. That is absolutely fine 100%. We all need days like that.

There are two rules with that though:

1. Make sure that you deserve that day on the couch. You have to know that you have worked hard during the week or the month and you have earned that day on the sofa.

2. Don't make a habit of it. Don't have the day on the couch on Saturday and again on Sunday. It can easily get out of hand and the next thing before you even know it, you are overweight, eating fast food and everything that you have worked hard for is slowing going down the toilet.

Relax and chill, but just remember that you need to do some work to earn the next relax and chill day.

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