Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The habits of success

This is a blog basically about the relationship between introverted people and extroverted people. However, sometimes it is good to branch out and talk about other things as at the end of the day, the blog is about life after all and we want to be happy and successful in our lives, right?

So, in saying that, lets talk about success and more specifically the habits for success.

1. Read every day

Regular readers will know that I try to do this with varying success. However the reading that I have done does contribute to this blog and the knowledge that I have gained can't be taken away so it is a very good habit to try and incorporate in your life.

2. Focus on high-level tasks

Basically what this one means is that you you have a bunch of tasks to do each day and some of them are going to be more important that others so make sure that you choose the ones that are moving you towards you goals and aspirations as opposed to just what is easy and convenient at the time. Stephen Covey in his famous book, The 7 habits of highly effective people talks about the important tasks and the urgent tasks. We tend to concentrate on urgent tasks because they need to be done when in fact the important tasks are going to have the most long-term impact. Number 1 in this list is a good example.

3. Make your health a priority 

I went to the gym before coming here to write this post. I'm trying to get myself fit unfortunately I sabotage that by eating bad food a lot. If I can organise myself in terms of food I think that I can become unstoppable. Food, like anything else is about organisation. It's time to stop only doing half a job and get the rest of the job done.

4. Learn from people you admire

This is where the read everyday habit can come into it. You read biographies or auto-biographies of famous people, people that you admire and that is when you can get ideas and expand your mind. When people say that their mentors are famous people, usually it is because they have read their books a lot as opposed to actually meeting them face to face.

5. Plan your day the night before

This is something that I don't do and I'm sure that it would only take a few minutes. It would save rushing around in the morning. You have everything ready and you shower and shave., have some breakfast and then you are out the door. Sounds good, doesn't it?

6. Keep your goals in front of you

If you don't have any goals I suggest you set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and really have a think about what you want to achieve. With those in front of you then you are able to plan your day and have a purpose to what you are doing as opposed to just wandering which is what I have done in the past.

7. Take action, even when it's scary

Yes, this can be very, very, very difficult. Sometimes you just have to do it. Take a flying leap and see what is going to happen. You have to risk rejection, you have to risk humiliation, you have to risk embarrassment. It doesn't sound pretty, does it?

8. Have a powerful and inspiring "why."

Why are you getting up in the morning? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you want to achieve what you want to achieve? Basically, what is your purpose? If you have this you can get yourself out of bed on even the coldest of winter mornings and get to work

There you have it. Looking at list, it seems that I have some work to do and I am betting that so do you. Good luck and I hope everything works out of you. I'm sure it will if you follow these habits.

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