Friday, 6 May 2016

Procrastination is the thief of time

It has been over a month since I started this blog and finally I have hit a bump in the road. I don't know what to write about. Have you ever had that experience where you just sit there and you sit there and nothing happens? Well that has been me for the last three hours or so. Complete writer's block. 

So what can I write about when I have this problem? This blog doesn't really have a theme as such so there are many possibilities. Lets have a look at the possibilities.

1. Problem solving.

Currently I am writing this post in a private library where you pay a monthly fee to use the facility. As you can imagine it isn't perfect and they could do some better things here but for the price you pay and the view is spectacular it isn't a bad spot and there is a burrito place on the 2nd floor which is awesome. A few years a go I wrote this blog post and gave the manager of the restaurant some ideas on how he or she can get more patrons into the establishment. You could do a problem solving blog for someone or the alternative is you do it for yourself, very much like I am doing here.

2. Opinions

I was thinking this morning that I haven't really been following the American presidential election very much. I know that a former first lady, a socialist and a guy with funny hair are still in the race but that is about it. I suppose I could give my opinion on it but I don't really see it as my place to. Once thing that I do feel qualified to comment on is the Indian Premier League which seems to be going from strength to strength although does anyone else think that it is going to implode before too long? 

3. Rehash someone else's post

The easy way out of the conundrum is just to look at someone else's post and comment on it and make it your own. This is in a sense cheating but whatever gets you through the day, right. I read a blog recently that said most people do that and it isn't the best but if you are blogging  everyday like me then that might just have to be the way. As they say here in Japan, "shoganai" which means it can't be helped.

4. Review a book or movie

Yeah, I know. I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here a bit. I know every man and his dog reviews a book or a movie or even a restaurant but hey, I'm desperate here and I didn't know what else to write. You never know, your post could make an obscure book go viral and the author will then have to pay you some royalties. Well, you would hope so wouldn't you?

5. Be a guide, what to do in a certain place if you have time

A few years ago I posted this. I was using my Tokyo experience to guide people around a city and to do things that they might normally not do. You can see in that post that I suggested to go to a public bath. Most of you are probably screwing your nose up at the mere thought of that but it is a great place. My cousin didn't like the sound of it at first but after two minutes he had changed his tune. 

There you have it. That took me about four hours to get through. Finally it is done. 

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