Sunday, 15 May 2016

Facebook advice for ambiverts

Do you use Facebook? How many friends do you have? 50? 100? 500? 5000?

Have you ever felt some kind of jealousy while you were looking at your newsfeed? To be honest, I have. There are three types of jealousy for me.

The first type of jealousy for me would be the envy at the people going on a trip. They always post photos of the various countries they go to. They always post photos of the exotic food they are eating while looking at the magnificent view and they always post photos of the local people they meet. Yep, when I see these types of photos I get extremely jealous.

The second type of jealousy is when people post photos of their lifestyle.
"Look at the really cool, expensive restaurant I am eating at today."
"This hotel is the best I have ever stayed in."
"Don't you think this incredibly expensive bottle of wine looks really delicious?"
They always put these kinds of photos on Facebook.
Late last year a woman in her 20's was arrested here in Tokyo for fraud. From memory she was selling fake goods on the internet but calling them the real thing. It also turned out that she used Twitter to showcase her extremely luxurious lifestyle.

The third type of jealousy is from people who like to post on Facebook about the parties they go to and they they like to talk about the thousands of friends they have.

Yep when I look at the three types of posts from above I get jealous, I'm not going to lie. Of course I want to go to that country but today I have work. Of course I want to go to that high end restaurant because lets call a spade a spade, my cooking isn't that great. I'm an ambivert so maybe I want to go to that party. I see the photos of all the gorgeous looking women at the party. I look at all the people smiling at the camera looking like they are having a whale of a time dancing, singing, drinking some delicious looking drinks, I get jealous. However the introvert in this ambivert even though he thinks that he wants to go along to these parties, also is a little uneasy at the thought of it.

However, when I do look at these photos and when I wish that I was at the parties etc I try to remember that I have goals and that I have a plan and that even though I might be jealous now, if I work hard and smart then in five years I can go to those countries. I can go to those restaurants. I have to work for it.

The secret with Facebook is to not think too much. Do you know the background to that party? Those people who are smiling in that photo may have had an argument before and are just acting for the camera. They might be going to resume their fight the moment the camera person turns away. You just don't know.

As an ambivert don't worry too much about what other people are showing on Facebook. Let them live their lives and you live your life. That's the secret.

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