Saturday, 28 May 2016

Assert yourself

We are going through the 21 signs you might actually be an ambivert. You can see the link here.

Today we are onto number 7 which is 'Asserting yourself is tricky in many situations.'

Yes, I can relate to this one very well. We were talking the other day about how we as ambiverts can not rely talk about topics that we don't know much about whereas the more extroverted of us seem to be able to talk for hours about nothing in particular. (It's funny, when I write that, I have a picture of someone in my mind who is very good at that.)

I find in a group I will say something but of more occasions than not I get the silence especially after I say something that I thought was funny. Also I'm not very good at of the cuff speeches, I suppose that is why I joined toastmasters.

By the way, just to sidetrack for a moment, have you heard of toastmasters? It is an international organisation that teaches you about public speaking and leadership. It attracts a lot of people like myself who a wanting to be more assertive. Unfortunately I haven't been able to go to any meeting the last 18 months and I do miss it.

So, how do you assert yourself? Well I feel another blog post coming on with that.

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