Monday, 2 May 2016


Yesterday we talked about the poor habits as outlined in this book. Yesterday we covered the following five:

  1. Gambling
  2. Drinking too much alcohol 
  3. Watching too much TV
  4. Negative mindset
  5. You don't read
Today, lets look at the last five on this list and I will give you my take on them. Here goes:

6. You have toxic relationships 

This one can be very stressful. You can lose all of your energy trying to keep these relationships alive when the best thing is to say thank you and just walk away and never look back. Sitting here writing this article I am trying to think of examples and the one that pops into my mind the most is a guy I worked with a few years ago. He was a nice enough guy and I believe that his heart was in the right place but oh my, it was very stressful being around him and my life was not good. In the end I just had to get rid of him. It wasn't the easiest thing to do but you got to do what you got to do. 

7. One stream of income

For most people this is your job and if you lose this you are f**ked. Excuse my language but that is the most expressive word I can think of to express that feeling. 

8. No life plan

Most of us just walk around in a haze. We are on autopilot so to speak just going about our lives. We go to work, we go home, we watch TV, we go to bed, rinse and repeat. Most of our life plans are work until 65, retire and play golf for the rest of our lives. That sounds really boring to me.

9. You spend more than you make

There is always that new hot Apple product that is coming out. Do you really need it? Ask yourself that question again, do you really need it? Do you really need those new pair of shoes when the ones you have for the gym now are perfectly fine? It is about making choices. Will me buying this Apple Watch help me in the future or stuff me up now? Interesting decision.

10. Poor health habits

This has to do with your culinary decisions. I must admit that I have made some pretty bad decisions over the years because I couldn't wait for the 30 minutes to cook for myself when the shop I could buy right then and there and be eating in 5 minutes. I was definitely not thinking about the future when I was making those decisions. 

There you have it, poor habits. If you can get rid of those then you are well on the way. Good luck to you. 

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