Thursday, 19 May 2016

Is this guy an ambivert?

The other day I watched a documentary about a famous Australian cricket player. Shane Warne is without a doubt the most famous cricketer in history. He is a legend of the game taking over 700 wickets in test matches. Every time I watched him play when he was at his peak, I would expect something to happen. It was exciting and captivating.

On the other hand, controversy seemed to follow him around. There were allegations of match fixing. He was banned for 12 months for taking a drug that was on the restricted list. He was caught smoking a cigarette during a a game. He was involved in scandals involving sexting and infidelity. He was also involved in poker. (although that isn't bad)

While I was watching the documentary he said this thing' "I like to go to parties, but then sometimes I like to kick back on the sofa and relax."

After I finished watching this documentary, I thought about what he said quite a bit. Is this guy an ambivert? I thought long and hard about this. I came to the conclusion that yes, he is an ambivert but not the same kind of ambivert as me.

I have never met Shane Warne but I have watched a number of interviews with him. From those interviews he seems a very positive person. He talks about his life unashamedly and he has nothing to hide. I remember one interview with the renowned British interviewer Michael Parkinson in which he said a number of times that he can ask him anything. I like that and I think it shows a lot about the man. He's straight up and seems to answer honestly. I have respect for that.

For example, just before the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Shane Warne was banned for one year for taking drugs. It turned out that it was a diuretic that his mother gave him. so that he could lose a bit of weight. He was very open about it all but the media and some of his former team mates were very critical of his mother which Shane Warne took offence to. Even superstars are people too and I can understand why he took offence.

However he and I and not the same type of ambivert. Since last year I have been interested in the concept of the ambivert. I have read several different articles and books and I believe that you can not classify us in the same group.

Why is that? We all like to watch television. We all like to listen to music. We all like to read books. We all like to relax. The difference however is that the introverted person can do that all day. The more extroverted person after watching a movie by him or herself would crave some kind of social outlet. Why is that? Because extroverts get there energy from other people. They want to be around other people.

Shane Warne is very much an ambivert but from what I can see would be on the extroverted side of the spectrum. Whereas I am on the introverted side of the spectrum.

If someone says to you, "I'm an ambivert too." Think about it for a few moments. Are they more introverted or extroverted? You should be able to work that out quite quickly.

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