Thursday, 26 May 2016

I want to party .... for a little bit.

5. Spending too much time with other people can be exhausting.

This is the classic introvert one, isn't it? As you should know by now the classic difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an extrovert gets his or her energy by being around people. By socialising with them and basically 'hanging out.' Whenever I think of that I have a picture in my mind of a woman that I have meet a handful of times. She is the stereotypical high energy extrovert. I remember last year walking into a bar in the Roppongi area of Tokyo and the only memory of that night is walking in and seeing this woman in the middle of the dance floor basically holding court. She was high on something and I'm sure that it wasn't red bull or any illegal substances if that's what you were thinking. She was high on the energy of the people around her.

Then we have the introvert who needs to be on their own to recharge. They need that solitude and it is no different with an ambivert.

Just to recap on what my definition of an ambivert is. An ambivert is someone who will go to the party and after two hours want to go home. An introvert probably won't go in the first place. What can be annoying for an ambivert is if he or she goes with his or her extroverted friend to the party because after a couple of hours that extroverted friend is all fired up. The night is still young and they are ready to go, they are ready to get this party started if you know what I mean. They are usually totally oblivious to the fact they their ambiverted friend is ready for some alone time.

What's the advice then? By all means go to that party. Have a great time, but as soon as you start feeling a little bit tired and you feel that your energy stocks are depleting then get out of there because you will start to not enjoy yourself and it will get doubly hard to go back again and as an ambivert you do like going out but just not in extended bursts.

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