Friday, 22 April 2016


I was reading this article today and I thought that I would take the opportunity to comment on the 8 things that these people do. So according to this article what do exceptional thinkers do on a daily basis. Lets have a look.

1. They focus on the positive. I must admit that I have not been doing this a lot recently. I have been focusing on something that happened a couple of months ago which has really affected me a lot. Admittedly there has been a couple of positive things that have come out of it like weight loss but it has been difficult to think about that when you feel extremely sorry for yourself.

2. They spend time in solitude. This has been the most difficult time for me spending time alone. I do spend a lot of time alone and I don't mind it usually but it is difficult when I would rather be out and about but I must admit that it is the furtherest thing from my mind but I know for my own self-development that I should get out. I did try it once in the last month or so and it was not very successful.

3. They have a long-term vision. This is something that I definitely don't have. I was listening to an interview with Arnold (do I need to write his surname?) the other day and his thing was he had great long-term vision. He knew what he was doing, unlike me who has a vague idea. I think it all comes down to intensive thinking time. I get distracted quite easily especially with the Internet and where I am writing this at the moment it can be distracting but at the end of the day those are just excuses. I can train myself to not be distracted.

4. They have a mindset development routine. They give an example in the article about a morning routine. This is something that I have been trying to develop but of course I have a whole bunch of excuses. I go to bed late etc. I can easily go to bed earlier and wake up and really kickstart the day if I wanted to. Do I want to? That is the question.

5. They only associate with those who build them up. This is an interesting one. Why would anyone want to hang around with me in my mood at the moment? So if I want to hang around with positive people then I have to build up my positiveness. That makes sense doesn't it?

6. They eat clean and healthy. I must admit that in the last three months through choice and lack of appetite that I haven't been eating that much at all but when I do put food in my body it is for want of a better word, shit. Not healthy at all. I think this is crucial but overlooked by a lot of people. It is your fuel after all.

7. They find time to workout regularly. This is something that I have been doing. But think how much better I would if I was fuelling with lettuce than with chocolate. Something to think about.

8. They have an attitude of gratitude. This is something that I really need to focus on. Sometimes I forget that I am 188cm tall and that I have working limbs and and brain that functions well. A woman told me last weekend that I am very good looking. That was nice to hear. So I need to focus on the good things and be thankful for it.

Something to think about. I know I will think about all of these things. So, do you think I will be up at 5am tomorrow morning?

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