Saturday, 9 April 2016

Making the right decision.

It's interesting when you are trying to change the way you are doing things. It is really difficult to change and without thinking about it, you will go back to the way you did things before by default. This is the main thing that I have to take into account when I am doing things.

I have read a couple of books which talk about a confidence account and basically what it says is that you have to ask yourself if the decision you are about to make is going to help your confidence or it is going to hurt your confidence. This could mean anything, right down to what you eat or even what you are wearing. You could choose to watch TV or you could choose to read that book. At the end of the day we all make decisions and where we are today is because of those decisions we make.

So from now on I have to make those correct decisions. Obviously you and I are not going to get it right 100% of the time but if you look for getting the perfect percentage then you might get it right 50% of the time which maybe good. I'm not sure.

Anyway, from now on I will try to think before I make any decision and hopefully they will take me on the right track.

This morning I had a decision to make. Stay in bed or go to the gym. I went to the gym. I think that is good. it was the correct decision and I am able to have a good day because of the good start to the day.

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