Monday, 18 April 2016

Record everything

The self improvement gurus talk about trying to be a little bit better each and every day. That sounds all very good but how do you measure that? I think you measure it by writing everything down at the end of the day. You write down what you eat, what you did, who you spoke to. Basically you keep records and those records allow you to see where you are going wrong or even better where you are going right.

My friend runs a weight loss consultancy and his thing he tell his clients is to keep a food diary. Obviously by doing this you can see where you are going wrong but I think that it serves another purpose if you have to write these things down it gets a little difficult when you have to write donut or potato chips or "I sat home all day and watched television." It almost serves as motivation.

So, along with the planning yesterday, after you have made your plan for the next day you can write down everything that you have done for that particular day. It sounds as though it could be a lot of work but once you do it a few times and you have developed a system then it should become simpler.

So what should you wrote down? Here are my ideas for my life:

1. What I ate and drank?

2. What exercise did I do?

3. What money earning work did I do?

4. What reading did I do?

5. What self development activities did I do?

6. What social activities?

7. Who did I meet?

These are just example questions and you can add to them or delete them as you see fit.

Good luck. Tell me how it goes.

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