Friday, 15 April 2016

The thief of time

I have a Phd in procrastination. I procrastinate on all things. Even this morning I procrastinated on writing this blog post.

People say that you should just do it which is pretty sound advice if you think about it. There is a rule in the online seduction community in which they talk about the three second rule. Basically, it means if you see someone you want to talk to you have three seconds to do it because any longer than that and you start to doubt yourself. You start over thinking things and if you are anything like me you chicken out. So if you think about doing it as the Nike ad says just do it.

The good thing about doing things that might worry you is that a big weight is lifted off your shoulder. You feel lighter and you have literally got it off your chest. You feel better and you feel lighter but if you procrastinate on it, it starts to feel heavier and heavier and heavier until it is weighing you down so much that you can't do anything else. It affects your whole life. It affects your work. It affects your health. It affects your eating habits. It affects your social life. All this because you couldn't get off your backside and do something that may have only taken a few minutes.

It's Friday morning and I basically have the morning off so I'm going to do something that I have put off all week. I've got to go and clean the bathroom. Not the most glamorous thing but I am sure that I will feel better when I am finished.

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