Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Don't Stokes the fire.

The Cricket T20 World Cup finished in Kolkata on Sunday with the West Indies finishing with four 6's to win the game and take away the spoils. For you non-cricket fans out there a 6 is like a home run in baseball except that instead of scoring one run you score 6. Understand?

In the final over, Barbadian Carlos Brathwaite hit English bowler Ben Stokes for four 6's in a row to win the game. For a neutral like me that was superb entertainment and I think that I might be turning around to the joys of cricket's shortest format.

In New Zealand there was a little postscript yesterday with Ben Stokes' mother calling up a radio station and basically having a go at them for calling her son arrogant and other bad things. (Just a little background, Ben Stokes may be playing for England but he is originally from New Zealand and his parents live there.)

My take on it is that good on Mrs. Stokes for standing up for her son. I think for sure comment on his cricket ability, comment on the game but don't comment about his personality or things like that. It doesn't make you look very good and as she said they don't know him so why should they blurt out the things that they said?

Ben Stokes is a brilliant cricket player and as a supporter of New Zealand cricket he would make a great addition to the middle order of the New Zealand cricket team but he has chosen to play for England and good luck to him.

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