Friday, 9 June 2017

What I learned from a couple of models

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I find Instagram fascinating. There are a lot of interesting contributors on it and you occasionally get to see the private lives of famous people.

I especially like Dwayne Johnson's posts. He seems such a nice, down to earth, humble guy. The fact that he lived in New Zealand for a short time also makes him look good in my eyes.

You can read more about Dwayne Johnson in a couple of posts I wrote about him:

Anyway, back to Instagram, as I said there is a lot of interesting stuff on the app. I find some of the motivational posts interesting as well as some of the scenery photos.

What I have also noticed are the copious amounts of young women showing off their bodies in bikinis. As a man, I will be honest, it was quite "interesting" at first but it gets all a bit ho-hum after a while.

All of this got me thinking though.

I went on a few dates last year with a couple of women who do modelling. They were both very intelligent (which breaks the stereotype of what you would expect) and very well travelled and it was interesting listening to them.

They both have Instagram accounts and they both post regularly. (I quietly smirk though as I have more followers than one of them.)

Both women were very sociable, very chatty and tended to go out a lot. Extroverted, didn't even begin to describe one of the women.

We had interesting conversations but the one on one I could tell got quite challenging for them as they were used to a more stimulating environment.

Here is the question:

Do you have to have an outgoing and extroverted personality to wear a bikini and pose in front of a camera?

Or as a male,

Does this guy have to be a party animal to do this job?

We know that a lot of people post on social media to boost their ego. They get energised by the likes and comments and I won't lie again, if I post something on social media, it does feel good and it is nice to be recognised.

What I think however is that no, you don't have to be super-extroverted to be a social media animal. In fact people who I would classify as introverted probably find it easier to get their message across on the social media platforms because you are just sitting at your computer or looking at a camera. You are not being over-stimulated by a large group. You can just be yourself and that will come across on whatever platform you use.

If you consider yourself as an introvert, you can still be "social" by using the different platforms. Just because you are introverted doesn't mean that you have to hide yourself at home and do nothing. You can still interact with the world and who knows, you might win a fan or two.

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