Thursday, 15 June 2017

Night clubs and the Introvert

Today is a message to guys, especially guys who might identify more with being a little introverted and to those guys who find it, lets say difficult, to drag themselves to a night club.

You have probably heard this before but the night club is the worst place for single men who identify themselves as introverts to meet members of the opposite sex.

Think about it. You might enjoy music like this:

Or like this:

I know I do but when it is playing at a million decibels and then there are hundreds of sweaty people all dressed to the nines and if it is in Japan it will be smoky and it is not the best environment to show off your intelligence and wit and your ability at in depth conversation.

I find I can't hear very well in that scene. I'm sure it isn't very attractive when the tall, grey haired gentleman with the beard asks her to repeat herself four times.

Anyway guys, you will find that most women have the guard up and it is very tight in these situations and unless you represent exactly what she is looking for, you are not going to have much success. Believe me when I say this.

I hear you crying at me, Blair, what are the other options? If I can't meet my future partner at a night club, where can I?

There are plenty of places that you can which are more ideally suited to an introvert.

You could go to events. Sure it is not really an introvert place, but at least the music is going to be quieter and you might have a better chance to talk one on one without shouting where your real personality can shine out.

Work. Although, what is that saying? Don't s**t where you sleep.

Gym. I tend to agree with the above s**t comment in this place as well.

Here are some places that may be difficult but if you have the cajones then all power to you:

  • Public transport
  • Cafe
  • On the street
  • Restaurant
Some might not be receptive. 

I know that it is easier said than done, if that is the case, just laugh it off, wish them a nice day and be on your way.

Don't get angry. Don't be an arsehole. Walk away with your dignity intact. 

You tried to make someone's day just that little bit better and they didn't want to hear about it. It's their loss, isn't it? 

Now, if you are successful and you might well be, who knows unless you get out there. 

She might fall in love with you.

How will that happen?

Listen to the words of Simon Sinek:

" She didn't fall in love with you because you remembered her birthday and bought he flowers on Valentine's day. She fell in love with you, because when you woke up in the morning, you said, 'Good morning' to her before you checked your phone. She fell in love with you, because she  you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink, you got her one without even asking. She fell in love with you, because when you had an amazing day at work and she came home and she had a terrible day at work, you didn't say, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. But let me tell you about my day.' You sat and listened to her awful day and didn't say a thing about your amazing day.

This is why she fell in love with you. I can't tell you exactly what day. It was no particular thing you did. It was the accumulation of all of those things that she woke up one day as if she pressed a button, she goes, 'I love him.' The same with the relationship. It's not about the events. It's not about intensity. It's about consistency."

There you go. There it is. That is the secret. It is all about consistency in what every you do. You need to be consistent in your exercise. You need to be consistent in your eating regime. You need to be consistent in your work. It is all related.

These little things will add up and then before long (and you won't even realise it) you will be getting the results that you want. 

Good luck. 

Lets go on this journey together.

By the way, one last question, is it nightclub or night club?

Please don't answer, "haven't you heard of Google?"

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