Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Introverts don't hate people

Introverts don't hate people. (well maybe some do)

No, not at all. Introverts love people.

Introverts love being in small gatherings. I say maximum of four.

Introverts love talking about deep topics. Topics of interest rather than just inane bantering that introverts can participate in but they would rather not.

Introverts are not arseholes and identifying as an introvert does not mean that people should act as an arsehole. Although in saying that, and I am talking to you extroverted people, if your friend doesn't want to party with you, don't force them, it will only create resentment and passive aggressive behaviour which is not good for anyone.

A good friend of mine always says:

"I hate people."

What he means by that is that he hates the stupid things that people do.

Lets think of some examples:

I hate it when people will walk up to a ticket gate or a security gate and then fish around in their bag looking for their ticket or pass card while holding up people behind them. I say. look around.

I hate it when people will flagrantly break the rules and then get angry when someone else breaks a rule.

I hate it when people just walk out in front of you and precede to walk really slowly or block your way. (I hope they don't drive like that.)

There you go, introverts don't hate people, they just hate their actions. Big difference.

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